Leading as Impact-Driver: Designing Solutions for Greater Good

Alex Ryan

Speaker: Alex Ryan

A social lab revolution is happening globally, and with over 30 active labs, Canada is a leader in this space. Social innovation labs create inclusive containers for society to re-imagine itself, and generate the breakthrough innovations that bring new imaginaries to life. In this session you will hear stories from one of Canada’s leading social innovation labs, the MaRS Solutions Lab. You will also hear from an expert panel about the social lab experience: a global perspective by Jesper Christiansen from Nesta; a client perspective by Tracey Cook from the City of Toronto; and an innovator’s perspective by Adam Blinick from Uber.

Questions we’ll explore:
– What is the ecosystem of social labs across Canada?
– How does a society re-imagine itself and generate breakthrough innovations that support all of society?
– How can you create conditions that support generative and high impact outcomes for all levels of society?
– What are the roles and responsibilities of leaders across sectors?

Leading as Innovator: Applying Successful Practices of Innovation

Larry Keeley

Speaker: Larry Keeley

Learn best practices around the discipline of innovation with Larry Keeley, Founder of Doblin Innovation and author of Ten Types of Innovation.

Questions we’ll explore:
– What are the practices of successful innovators and innovative companies?
– Why do most innovation efforts fail?
– What are the different types of innovation companies can choose to innovate around?
– What are some useful strategies innovators can start immediately?

Leading as Technologist: Exploring Exponential Business Models

Patrick Van Der Pijl

Speaker: Patrick van der Pijl

Explore the power of technology to ignite, amplify and scale value across sectors, geographies and companies with Patrick van der Pijl, CEO of Business Models Inc., and coauthor of Design A Better Business, and special guest from Canada’s own exponential business WE.org.

Questions we’ll explore:

– What it means to design an exponential business model? Become familiar with the business model canvas and the 10 exponential design principles.
– What you can learn from successful exponential business models that are profitable and create lasting positive impact in the world?
– What are exponential features of the WE.org business model?
– How can you transform a linear business model into an exponential business model?
– How is technology changing how businesses can deliver value for their customers and partners and/or dramatically reduce the cost of their delivery mechanisms and back-end infrastructure?
– How can leaders of startups and fast-growing businesses scale business model knowledge as a strategic discipline throughout their organizations?

Leading as Futurist: Imagining New Futures

Lisa Kay Solomon

Speaker: Lisa Kay Solomon

Create surprising and provocative new futures through the award winning game The Thing from the Future, created by futurist Stuart Candy and designer Jeff Watson, facilitated by scenario planning expert and author Lisa Kay Solomon.

Questions we’ll explore:
– How can you design generative and expansive conversations about the future?
– What are the range of possibilities, even with limited constraints?
– How do you create abundant bold and imaginative ideas
– How can exploring a multiplicity of futures make us more creative and resilient leaders?

Overview: Exploring Exponential Leadership

Lisa Kay Solomon

Speaker: Lisa Kay Solomon

What are the critical skills leaders must learn to successfully navigate a rapidly changing world? How can you create strategic advantage for your organization, while also building the inclusive, equitable, and abundant future we all want to live in?

We believe that all leaders need to be Futurists, Innovators, Technologists and Impact-Drivers, and that these leadership practices can be taught and learned. By understanding, practicing and modeling these transformational practices, you can improve your own capacity to anticipate change and make proactive choices that lead to more positive and preferred futures for your organization, community and the world.

Join Lisa Kay Solomon, Chair of the Transformational Practices at Singularity University for a curated masterclass of the leadership skillsets, mindets and practices of exponential leaders.