Exponential Leadership

David Roberts

Speaker: David Roberts

A must-see experience, our special guest David Roberts will take you on an inspiring journey of self-reflection, describing the essential role you must play to shape our collective future.

Key Takeaways:
– To navigate the changes of exponential technologies we have to rethink most of society’s basic assumptions
– There are no innocent bystanders, we collectively need to get involved and make a difference
– Our brain evolved to ensure our survival but courage of engaging will drive us forward
– Humanity is by nature exponential but it is as a group that we have to shape our collective future

Mobility Reimagined

Speaker: Raquel Urtasun

New perspectives on the single most impactful innovation that will fundamentally change our cities and the way we live and work.

Machine Intelligence, From Research to Impact

Speakers: Cameron Schuler, Ed Clark, Amanda Lang (Moderator)

A conversation about research, work, and opportunity in a world that is becoming increasingly automated and intelligent.

Key Takeaways:
– A discussion and debate highlighting AI/machine learning, from the perspective of some of the policy and social decisions that we have to make as we move forward.
– Examining these options, that will include regulations, ethics, and international agreements.
– We may explore some of the fears around AI (i.e. the robots will kill us) but the conversation is likely to skew toward the optimistic and aim to be helpful food for thought.

The BIG Shift

John Hagel

Speaker: John Hagel

The forces that are creating mounting performance pressure on the global business landscape and what organizations need to do to effectively respond to them.

Key Takeaways:
– Exponential technology is creating mounting performance pressure as well as expanding opportunity.
– To harness the opportunity, we will have to shift from businesses driven by scalable efficiency to businesses driven by scalable learning.
– AI/robots will take over virtually all of the work we do in scalable efficiency businesses but will hopefully be a catalyst to help us re-think work in ways that tap into our unique capabilities as humans.
– There’s significant opportunity, but there are significant challenges for large, existing institutions – especially the powerful immune system and antibodies that exist within all of these institutions and that will mobilize to resist any efforts to transform.

Leading as Impact-Driver: Designing Solutions for Greater Good

Alex Ryan

Speaker: Alex Ryan

A social lab revolution is happening globally, and with over 30 active labs, Canada is a leader in this space. Social innovation labs create inclusive containers for society to re-imagine itself, and generate the breakthrough innovations that bring new imaginaries to life. In this session you will hear stories from one of Canada’s leading social innovation labs, the MaRS Solutions Lab. You will also hear from an expert panel about the social lab experience: a global perspective by Jesper Christiansen from Nesta; a client perspective by Tracey Cook from the City of Toronto; and an innovator’s perspective by Adam Blinick from Uber.

Questions we’ll explore:
– What is the ecosystem of social labs across Canada?
– How does a society re-imagine itself and generate breakthrough innovations that support all of society?
– How can you create conditions that support generative and high impact outcomes for all levels of society?
– What are the roles and responsibilities of leaders across sectors?


Speaker: Amin Toufani

The macro-economic trends of exponential technologies and their impact on financial markets, policy, and risk management.

Key Takeaways:
– 20th century economic models were geared toward a zero-sum game – Exponential economics is not and is creating more redistributed value
– Blockchain mechanism enable both trust and settlement of payments
– Exponential technologies give companies and people the ability to engage in nano-economic relationships
– Humanity needs to strengthen its adaptability skill set. The good news is that it’s coachable!
– Corporation need a Chief Adaptability Officer to help the ride the exponential transformation

Leading as Innovator: Applying Successful Practices of Innovation

Larry Keeley

Speaker: Larry Keeley

Learn best practices around the discipline of innovation with Larry Keeley, Founder of Doblin Innovation and author of Ten Types of Innovation.

Questions we’ll explore:
– What are the practices of successful innovators and innovative companies?
– Why do most innovation efforts fail?
– What are the different types of innovation companies can choose to innovate around?
– What are some useful strategies innovators can start immediately?

[Debate] What the Future of Energy Means for Canada

Speakers: Ramez Naam, Tom Rand, Josipa Petrunic, Sean Collins, Diane Francis (Moderator)

A strategic conversation and debate on how everything we know about energy is changing the future of Canada and impacting all of us.

Key Takeaways:
– Canada is one of the world’s five biggest exporters of energy: oil, natural gas, electricity, uranium, coal.
– Canadian living standards are largely underpinned by this industry, with energy accounting for roughly 40% of total exports annually.
– It is critical for Canadians to understand the trajectory of disruption in all these commodities and figure out how to replace the economic activity and jobs they generate.