Exponential Leadership

David Roberts

Speaker: David Roberts

A must-see experience, our special guest David Roberts will take you on an inspiring journey of self-reflection, describing the essential role you must play to shape our collective future.

Key Takeaways:
– To navigate the changes of exponential technologies we have to rethink most of society’s basic assumptions
– There are no innocent bystanders, we collectively need to get involved and make a difference
– Our brain evolved to ensure our survival but courage of engaging will drive us forward
– Humanity is by nature exponential but it is as a group that we have to shape our collective future

Leading as Futurist: Imagining New Futures

Lisa Kay Solomon

Speaker: Lisa Kay Solomon

Create surprising and provocative new futures through the award winning game The Thing from the Future, created by futurist Stuart Candy and designer Jeff Watson, facilitated by scenario planning expert and author Lisa Kay Solomon.

Questions we’ll explore:
– How can you design generative and expansive conversations about the future?
– What are the range of possibilities, even with limited constraints?
– How do you create abundant bold and imaginative ideas
– How can exploring a multiplicity of futures make us more creative and resilient leaders?

Overview: Exploring Exponential Leadership

Lisa Kay Solomon

Speaker: Lisa Kay Solomon

What are the critical skills leaders must learn to successfully navigate a rapidly changing world? How can you create strategic advantage for your organization, while also building the inclusive, equitable, and abundant future we all want to live in?

We believe that all leaders need to be Futurists, Innovators, Technologists and Impact-Drivers, and that these leadership practices can be taught and learned. By understanding, practicing and modeling these transformational practices, you can improve your own capacity to anticipate change and make proactive choices that lead to more positive and preferred futures for your organization, community and the world.

Join Lisa Kay Solomon, Chair of the Transformational Practices at Singularity University for a curated masterclass of the leadership skillsets, mindets and practices of exponential leaders.

Art vs Science

Ann Makosinski

Speaker: Ann Makosinski

An inspirational talk by a young innovator who proves you don’t need to be an expert to build something disruptive.

Key Takeaways:
– Why do we encourage our children to focus on logic and fact and preclude the importance that art plays in leading to success?
– Develop understanding of the importance of art in the STEM conversation and how STEAM is now the prevailing conversation.

Exponential Canada

Salim Ismail

Speaker: Salim Ismail

As a result of accelerating change, a new breed of businesses are scaling 10 times faster than established organizational structures, creating opportunities and challenges for Canada’s future.

Key Takeaways:
– Take a look at exponential technology through the lens of Canada, Canadian business, and how we as a country are approaching exponential growth.
– Walk away with a tailored action plan for moving forward that utilizes five internal and five external strategies to spur astounding growth.

Literary View of the Future

Robert J Sawyer

Speaker: Robert J. Sawyer

Looking to science fiction to explore the visions and scenarios that will be shaping our future. Science fiction has often guided and inspired the design and development of modern technology. In this section, science fiction author Robert J. Sawyer will explore a vision of what the future might hold.

Societal Implications of Abundance

Salim Ismail

Speaker: Salim Ismail

A brief overview of the social impact that abundant future will have on our organizational, political, legal, educational, and medical systems.

Key Takeaways:
– Bend your mind as we start thinking about the implications of exponential breakthroughs in both society and business.
– Begin to understand why it has never been so important yet so challenging to have a series of conversations about our future.

Intro to Exponentials & Road to Abundance

Peter H. Diamandis

Speaker: Peter Diamandis

Learn about dozens of innovators and proofpoints that we are heading towards a future of abundance.

Key Takeaways: 

– Learn about the principles of exponential technologies, why they are important to grasp, and how they can be a positive force for change.
– Understand the 6D’s – a useful framework to help navigate the exponential journey that a digital technology takes.
– Develop an appetite for moonshot thinking and learn about the radical solutions that seem like the stuff of science fiction.
– Find plenty of reasons to be optimistic that abundance for all is within our grasp and soon we will be able to meet and exceed the basic needs of every man, woman, and child on the planet.


Welcome to SingularityU

Oren Berkovich

Speaker: Oren Berkovich

Learn about the journey that got us here and the movement that you are now part of.