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Executives to import California’s Singularity campus to Canada

Two-day tech conference in Toronto will join professionals, students and members of marginalized communities.

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Singularity University Launches Inaugural Canada Summit

SingularityU announced today that it is launching an annual SingularityU Canada Summit.

Canadian SU alumni banded together to bring the Summit to Canada, and the founding members include BMO, CIBC, Deloitte, FairVentures, Goodman’s LLP, Google, the Ontario Government, SunCor, RBC, Rogers Communications, TD, and Scotiabank.

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Innovation Hubs Across Canada Join SingularityU Summit as Community Partners

A new initiative seeks to unite innovation hubs across Canada. Thousands of Canadian social, business, and technology innovators from coast-to-coast-to-coast will be joining the Singularity University Canada community through a network of strategic partnerships across the country.

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11 Canadian innovation hubs partner with SingularityU Canada Summit

Eleven innovation hubs have joined the SingularityU Canada Summit as community partners, opening up the Summit to startups across Canada.

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Yedlin: Alberta’s economy embracing digital potential

Also this week was Oren Berkovich’s visit to Calgary. Berkovich is chief executive of SingularityU Canada Summit, the Canadian arm of the disruptive educational institution established by Peter Diamandis in California.

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