About SingularityU Canada Summit


SingularityU Canada Summit is:

  • A two-way bridge between uncommon partners across communities, provinces and sectors, to enable us to bring the best of the world to Canada and share our best with the world.
  • A positive voice to overcome the anxiety of disruption and automation and inspire more Canadians to think BIG and global.
  • A forum for the wildly curious and most passionate to come together, ask questions and discuss our role in shaping the future.
  • A platform to change mindsets and transform learning from an activity we do early in life into a lifelong journey.


Our goals are ambitious. We need Canada’s best creators, makers, doers and minds to achieve them. Help us unlock the potential of our research and technology for application on a global scale. Together we can:

  • Build a pan-Canadian community that unites different ecosystems behind a shared purpose.
  • Catalyse unexpected collaborations between corporations, startups, academic institutions and government.
  • Raise awareness on critical issues impacting society by making room for REAL DEBATE with alternative and opposing views.
  • Expose as many Canadians as possible to an exponential mindset and foster a culture of bold entrepreneurship.
  • Provide greater access to world-class, local and global, experts in exponential technologies.
  • Share a unique Canadian perspective on the ethics and value considerations of adopting and developing exponential technologies.

What Makes Us Unique

Canada has a celebrated history of world-changing innovations in medicine, energy, transportation, food, and technology.

It is time the world knew.

We have the talent, drive, dedication, and opportunity to succeed. SingularityU Canada Summit can provide the exposure, technology, and frameworks for impact on a larger, wider, and higher scale. Sparking conversations and collaborating for a shared future with experts from around the globe ensures Canadian breakthroughs are showcased, elevated, and accelerated through an international community, at a scale big enough to benefit the entire country and the world.

The world needs more Canada. Our time to lead is now and the opportunity has never been greater.